One thing you need to think about when you planning for your Himalayan Trek are that what kind of cloths you going to wear and what kind of clothing is best to serve you at high altitudes treks.

Well it’s all depends on – places you choose for trek,  type of trek you going for, in which session, what time of year and last what types of activities you going to be doing.

So here we are sharing with of you what we wear when we out for any of the Himalayan Trek.

Starting with trek pants always wear a light weight quick dry in fabric also stretchable trek pants these types of trek pants are very comfortable and best for any type of trek.

In trek you need to keep in mind for 3 different type of Layering

  • Base layer
  • Mid Layer
  • Shell Layer

Base layer – Base Layer is all about managing moisture. On a trek once you start hiking you start sweating even on a cold day so what you really want is that a fabric or material next to your skin pulling moisture away from the body and regulating core temperature.

So in base layer you’ll need a fabric that won’t stay wet, and MERINO WOOL or SYNTHETIC (Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon) are the most common choices. Merinos are very soft, warm and absorb moisture the only thing is its very expensive. Synthetic are cheaper and more durable but are not as comfortable or resistant to odor.

Mid Layer – Mid Layer is all about insulation and keeping you warm. On a high altitude Himalayan trek it is very important to keep your body warm. The insulating layer helps you retain the heat that’s radiated by your body.

So for Mid Layer always go with stretchable and breathable Fleece or Polartec. In case of colder weather you can wear Synthetic insulated jacket or down jacket / padded jacket preferably with a hood.

Shell Layer – Outer Layer or Shell Layer is for protect you from the environment its Shields you from the weather (Rain/Snow/Wind).

Shell Layer is very important because if wind and water are allowed to penetrate to inner layers you can get seriously chilled.

Finally the last thing is to carry a woolen or fleece hat it’s very important as most of the body heat escape from head so when you feel cold the first thing you have to do is to put on a nice and warm hat that can covers your ears as well.

Don’t forget that in mountains it’s all about layering.

Base Layer is all about Moisture Management.

Mid Layer is all about warmth to keep you warm.

Shell Layer is all about to protect from elements.

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